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Welcome to Trilogiq Australia

Trilogiq Australia is a leader in the design and supply of flexible modular solutions for material handling purposes. Our product range includes tubing, connectors, and accessories to create custom designs to store, stock and transport physical items such as parts, assemblies, or finished goods.

These solutions assist our customers to implement the principles of Lean Manufacturing and gain sustainable business improvements. The key difference is that the Trilogiq modular system can be re-used to reflect the ongoing changes and responsiveness required in business today. Since 1992, Trilogiq’s LeanTek® range has been a market leader in modular systems. Now, after two years of research Trilogiq has introduced a new modular range using innovative materials. The GRAPHIT® range of tubing, joints, and connectors is unique and adds more functionality and benefits than any other modular system available.
Trilogiq Australia is part of a global group of companies with a direct presence in 19 countries. This ensures that we can provide our customers with access to extensive experience gained from working across varied manufacturing markets worldwide.
More can be seen by visiting the global website.

Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions

Trilogiq has a successful history of working with customers to design and install custom ...

Graphit Products

GRAPHIT Products

GRAPHIT®: A practical, innovative, and attractive solution to modular design....

Graphit Freatures

GRAPHIT Features

The GRAPHIT® range provides key features unavailable in any other modular system.

LeanTrek Proucts

LeanTek Products

Since 1992, Trilogiq has been offering the LeanTek® product range to customers in every ...


Trilogiq Australia Pty Ltd
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